Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What the hell?

Hey?  Is Region Five in California still requiring initial attack crews to halt for a safety meeting before they take action on any fire?  If they are, then let's talk about it.

Murry Taylor


  1. So many weak leaders, so many weak followers, and no accountability. It's a bad recipe for an organization.

  2. Sir, I'm a huge fan of your book. I was wondering if you have any more information on the EMT's and Medics who jumped with you. Were they smoke jumpers with additional duty, or were they a separate outfit?

  3. I'm a seventeen year old from Chicago who plans on fighting fire next season. I was hoping to ask you a few questions. If at all possible please Email me at cfs.7518@gmail.com

  4. Mr. Taylor,

    I read your book. I am an Army Lieutenant Colonel and military historian. I began writing a screenplay in 2007 when I was assigned to the Pentagon. The movie is about the 555th Airborne Infantry that were trained as smokejumpers to combat the wildfires in the Northwestern U.S. and Southwestern Canada by Japanese Balloon Bombs in 1944-45.

    I wrote a DVD for the military in 2005 starring R. Lee Ermey. Mr. Ermey has agreed to star in the movie. I'm working several others as well. I want to film this in New Mexico for the tax credit.

    I want you to discuss with you the prospect of being the Smoking Jumping Technical Director.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    LTC Bill McCaskill
    c: 361-935-6669