Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello Wildland Firefighters and Smokejumpers

Hello to all those who've eaten smoke in the great wildlands of North America. I'm Murry Taylor, a former smokejumper (27 seasons), and wildland firefighter (6 seasons), and would like to engage in any dialogue regarding current wildland fire initial attack policy. To my mind it's high time that voices from the field be heard in correcting many of the non-sense ideas that have evolved--especially regarding large fires--over the years. Eager to talk with any and all members of ICS (Incident Command System) team members, firemen in the field, smokejumpers, helitac and certainly Hot Shots.  Looking forward to hearing from any and all.
                                                                          Sincerely, Murry Taylor
                                                                          Author: Jumping Fire 

Great Wildland Fire Photos


  1. I have known Murry for many years now..He has spent many winters in Costa Rica writing and telling us great stories while we sat next to the Pacific. We met at Playa Samara Costa Rica and Murry studied Spanish @ Mari and myself daily, between his ocean swims and working on his books. "Jumping Fire" is a fantastic read and sits in a place of honour in my Canadian home. If I were to say one thing about Murry is that he embodies what many men try to be. Strong,fearless, generous,compassionate, a great story teller, a real living hero having put his life in "the line of fire" for many years..I am pleased and honoured to call him my friend..

  2. I lived in Central valley Calif, for about three yr's , went to Redding High School, in 1955 i had a best friend Vivian Caldwell, Her Brother was ( Charlie Caldwell, I got a letter from my Biological Brother in North Carolina, telling me that i was given away at 10 mo. old and they all wanted to meet me, to make a very long story short, i was , and have been looking for Charlie, he was not in school at the time , and lived beetween Redding And Central Valley, and worked for the forist service in the summer. I was reading your story on smoke Jumping, and his name came up in your story.
    I was wondering if it could possibly could be the same one. His Dad shot his Mother and himself leaving about ten or eleven children behind. He looked like Charles Bronson the actor . If you have a minuit or two, could you please let me know if you have any new's on this. My e-mail is langshelby6@gmail.com. ( My adopted name as he knew it was Mary Louise Hall ) I am going to get your book,very interesting.

    Thank's Shelby